Bags .. Bags.. Baskets and Bags ..

From flags to bags i’ve experimented with all styles.  The first bag i made was a drawstring pump bag, the pattern i acquired from a book i borrowed from the library.  From this one i made 2 more personalizing them for my nephews to take to school for their pe.kit.

001 (2)     018

I then discovered you could get tutorials on you tube, which is where i discovered Debbie Shore and her wonderful tutorials.  By now my fabric stock had doubled as every member of my family and friends offered my old curtains and bed covers.

001 (5)006 (2)By now i’ve healed and had to return to work so my sewing days had been reduced to hours 😦

When i could i continued experiments and mastering the art of bags, all sizes from kit bags to gift bags.  The patterns then became a little more complicated with the bags being lined and drawstings attached under decorative ribbons.   These have been my favourite makes.

003 (5)010 (2)

Most of the things i’ve made have become gifts.

I’ve also discovered the great properties of fabric stabilizers and how well it works making little baskets.  Easter saw a few baskets made for an easter display.

026001 (25)    002 (25)I love making bags and will continue to use them instead of wrapping paper when giving gifts to friends and family.

I have to young nieces that received little over the shoulder bags that contained little aprons for their birthdays.  🙂  poor girls i’m sure they would have preferred something plastic.

011 (6)If you should pass by my blog i’d love your opinions on my makes… or anything about my blog ….

Thank you for popping by


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