Self teaching and learning the hard way ….

The last time i used a sewing machine was during that home economics sewing class at school many many and a few more years ago.  I managed to just about complete an apron with the help of the teacher and a very old sewing machine oh and that trusted tool the stitch unpicker.

So armed with an old sheet and some thread i had lying around in a draw i loaded the or should i say threaded the machine and practised lines and lines …then lines of different stitches …. i soon got bored …. i wanted to produce something.

013 (4)

So armed now with a few old sheets i’d found after a good clear up of the airing cupboard i started a small piece of patchwork referring to YouTube videos for advice now and then.  As impatient as ever i was keen to complete the first project so it didn’t turn out very big and is now used for the cat to lie on.


1st completed project
1st completed project

From there i experimented with bunting ….again from old sheets this time donated from mum.   I did a string for my allotment then 2 strings for the balcony of a care home i worked at.   I used a template i’d downloaded from the internet…. cutting 2 triangles, sewing the 2 longer sides together with the right sides of the fabric together then turning the right side out.  Quite pleased with the result and for the allotment i even  appliqued allotment plot letters.

007 (6)  008 (5)

Then by chance it was close to my nieces birthday so was made my first homemade personalised gift, which was then followed very quickly by another string for another nieces expected baby.  With these 2 strings of bunting i splashed out and actually bought new fabric  (which i think is also when my addiction really took hold)

003 (13)   032


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